Are Electrical Issues Keeping You Up at Night?

Does your home suffer from flickering lights? Bulbs blowing too often? High electricity bills compared to the norm? Your safety could be at risk! Malfunctioning switches and outlets or overloaded circuits are the most common household electrical issues. However don’t fear, Dynamic Tradies are here!

Here are the signs that it’s time for a professional electrical safety inspection:

  • Your lights flicker constantly.
  • An individual safety switch keeps tripping (disrupting the operation of an appliance or device in the home).
  • Power points aren’t working, or light bulbs are blowing
  • Your switchboard is old – it has ceramic fuses (rather than modern safety switches) and/or an asbestos backing panel (common in many pre-2004 switchboards).
  • The main safety switch keeps tripping (cutting the power off).
  • You’re about to install an energy-intensive application, such as air-conditioning or electric heating.
  • You notice a burning smell coming from your switchboard.
  • There are many ants around your switchboard.
  • The safety switches / circuit breakers are charred or discoloured.
  • You’re having a rooftop solar system installed (extra switchboard space is usually required for the smart meter).

If you have any doubts or concerns about your existing switchboard and wiring, or you’re considering a rooftop solar system it’s safer to contact a licensed electrician.

Our qualified electricians have the experience and know-how to ensure you’re not paying more than you should with your electricity usage, and they can offer tips and advice on how to reduce your usage and continue saving!

Book your complimentary electrical safety check now.

Don’t Risk DIY—It’s Not Worth The Risk!

Tackling electrical work on your own can be extremely risky. Without the proper knowledge, tools, and safety protocols, you could be setting yourself up for electrical fires or severe injuries. Leave it to the professionals at Dynamic Tradies, where our certified electricians are equipped to handle all your electrical needs safely and efficiently.

Our Promise to You

Our team at Dynamic Tradies is committed to ensuring that your electrical systems are not only efficient but also hazard-free. With us, you’ll gain:

  • Expert inspections and repairs by licensed electricians
  • Practical tips to reduce your electricity usage and save money
  • Peace of mind knowing your electrical systems comply with safety standards

Book your complimentary electrical safety check now.

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What does this involve?
Wiring Inspection

Inspection of all wiring in the property, including the roofing and the flooring.

Switchboard Inspection

Electrical switchboard inspection to check for faulty wiring, fuses and safety switches that comply with AS3000 Standards.

Point & Switch Inspection

Inspecting all power points and switches to see if there’s damage.

Lighting Inspection

Inspection of all lighting in the roof and insulation clearance.

Ground Check

Check the earthing or the system that connects parts of the electric power system to the ground.

Smoke Detector Check

Check that smoke detectors are functioning correctly.

Inspection Report

Provide a report and solutions after the electrical safety check.

Don’t wait for the problem to escalate. Contact Dynamic Tradies now for a complimentary electrical safety inspection. Ensure your home is safe and sound, and enjoy the comfort and savings that come with a fully optimised and efficient electrical system.

Call us today at 1300 102 310 or book now. Your family’s safety—and your peace of mind—is just a call away.