Save Big on Your Energy Bills with Our $89 Hot Water Health Check!

Is Your Hot Water System Costing You More Than It Should Be?

Did you know that the efficiency of your hot water unit can impact up to 70% of your electricity bill? It’s true! But there’s good news. With our Hot Water Health Check, you can ensure your system is running efficiently, saving you money, and extending its life.

Why Book a Hot Water System Maintenance Check?

Enhanced Efficiency

Sediment and mineral buildup forces your unit to work harder. Our service cleans this out, reducing your energy use and bills.

Extended Lifespan

Early identification of issues prevents major breakdowns, helping you avoid expensive repairs.

Guaranteed Safety

Regular checks help spot and fix leaks, faulty valves, or pressure issues that could be hazardous.

Improved Water Quality

No more discoloured, dirty or foul-smelling water. Enjoy clean, clear hot water for all your needs.

Cost Savings

An efficient system uses less energy, which means more money in your pocket.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your hot water is always ready when you need it, without surprises.

Warranty Compliance

Keep your system’s warranty valid with scheduled servicing.

Signs You Need This Service

Old Heating System

Your water heater is over 10 years old.

Water Issues

You’re experiencing insufficient hot water, unusual noises, dirty water, leaks, or pressure issues.

What Does Our $89 Health Check Include?

Thorough inspection for wear and potential problems.

Testing of both upper and lower heating elements.

Temperature safety checks.

Anode rod inspection.

Safe pressure relief line flush.

Rust and installation safety evaluations.

Water pressure testing.

Special Bonus: Receive a complimentary 12-month service plan with any new hot water system installation!

Don’t Get Caught Out Without Hot Water This Winter!

This offer ends on 01/09/24. It’s not valid with any other coupon, offer, or discount. Call us now at 1300 846 264 or book online to secure your $89 Hot Water Health Check and start saving immediately!

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